Friday, May 22, 2015


It's been quite some time since we've posted here. We've been busy. There's been a lot of landscaping going down.

Happily, today another satisfied customer shared Rooted praise on a public Facebook group for their town!

"Shout out to Kevin Price and Rooted Landscaping for their amazing work, professionalism and friendliness! They really care about their work and the environment and use only organic mulch and fertilizers.
Hit them up, you won't be sorry."

And then a few more happy customers replied!

Kevin/Rooted did such amazing work for us at our old house on Park Ave., and they're helping us transform what's going on at the Yogawood building little by little. They got all of the ivy off the building (it eats the cinder block! it's really hard to remove!) and took out the evil sticker bushes for us. Once we get the building painted, they'll help us make it pretty!

This hard work feels worthwhile when we receive this type of feedback. Our goal has always been and remains content customers and healthy landscapes. Thanks, guys!

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