Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dreaming of Inhospitality

Winter is the perfect time for on-going education.  The plants are dormant & the ground frozen-- well, usually, back when December didn't feature 60 degree temperatures.  Kevin & I spent the last two Mondays in a Soil and Plant Relationships class.  The world of soil and plants is absolutely intriguing.  My imagination had me envisioning the earthy depths as a marine biologist would the Mariana Trench.  

On day one we studied soil chemistry before plant and soil biology.  On day two we got to reach towards geology before profiling plants that thrive in really inhospitable conditions.  Kevin & I catalogued or reorganized plants that would create a great palette for a job in generally wet soil or arid and infertile regions.  There are so many beautiful plants that can thrive in these conditions, as well as a huge roster of plants that add nutritive benefit to their habitats.  

This time of year feels something like dreamy hibernation.  Cataloguing rainy day visions of bald cypresses and brushy, proud native grasses.  I've been toying with a wet region in my own yard for some time now.  Some days I plan to build a drain to move the water.  Other days I consider adding soil to change the topography.  Today I go back to my favorite idea of planting tall reeds.  

Now we're just sitting on our hands rather than signing up for every other course on the roster.  Learning about plants & environment is contagious!