Friday, May 23, 2014

Growing with our community: Progress on the Chen project

We're so happy to grow with clients. A few years ago, a client & friend purchased this fantastic house. The facade, with those big blonde brick walls, offers so many opportunities! We began with a crepe myrtle to train and as a nod to the owner's southern roots.

Later, the owner requested a trellis. Last year, the trellis was photo'd below.

This season, the vines are climbing and bulbs in bloom.

A previous owner's dog kennel has been creatively converted into an outdoor patio space. The twining vine is wisteria getting ready to take over the top of the structure!

And hellebores to brighten the day. A note from our client:

"The new plantings are beautiful!!! I was so excited to see them all and am really stoked about the beautyberry and new forsythia bed. I also think you put the rhododendron in the perfect spot on the side yard under the living room windows.

All the plants are coming along so great, and they really add so much to making the house and yard beautiful. Thank you, Kevin! :) I'm so glad to have you as a landscaper!"

We're so glad to have each of you!