Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wormies! Vermies?

Our friend, Rose, is the Children's Librarian at Pennsauken Library. She invited Kevin to offer a lesson on worms function in a healthy ecosystem.

Kevin was beside himself. For his 30th BDay, he received worms to start vermiculture composting at the Avant Garden. Some of these guys were featured. Thankfully, we also received a good rain the day before the workshop, so Kevin was able to dig up some other earth worm varieties in the Avant Garden.

Kids got to take a peak. Sonora Rose is helping in the background. She is also largely responsible for the Pennsauken Community Garden, located behind the Library, and featured in these photos.


Kevin is a big fan of kids. He's also worked one-on-one with kids to establish vegetable gardens. Contact us if you'd like to book on-going education!

Special thank you to Lauren Lopez, the Rooted Logo designer, who attended with her kids and took these photos!

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